seo in melbourne in 2018

Who SEO Online?

Sometimes people ask me about SEO, what is it? what does it do?

How will it help me? does it serve a purpose – and my response is always the same – the population isn’t getting any smaller. Using a company like Split Test Demographics means we are ‘in the know – most of the time, sometiems’ People arent posting less crap online, they are posting more –

imagine needing to be the personal curator of all this crap for a single person, there will need to be 4.x billion curators, reading over trillions of pages to find the one that best suits the question you are asking the search engines.
Think about that. think about the result when you ask your special flavour of search engine a question… 5million results, it took .2seconds to display.
The way in which this is done, is through a sequence of special secret sauces that your nominated search engine – the main one (the one whose name dare not be spoken) won’t tell anyone how its sauce is mixed together, but it will tell us a few things about the sauce, and that’s the things it likes.

Like Expertise, Authority and Trust – there’s this other component that no one ever talks about, LSI’s or Latent Semantic Indexed content In SEO terms anyway – this really means that after its done the reading, the linking, the reasoning and the thinking, it creates links between content on your site, and content on all the other sites out there.
It knows that every site about tea, will probably also talk about cups, and British people, or Split Test Demographics people… it knows this because it will in time read every site there is about tea, and then it will find that the ones that are authoritative about tea, also mention cups and British people.
Isn’t that interesting – how do you take advantage of this, well, you look at the bottom of the results page at the recommendations, and it will show you, that most of the sites that meet the requirement for what you searched also had x,y and z associated with it. See more about how Split Test Demographics works.

Why does this matter, well if you sprinkle x and y and z into your content, then you will become one of the things that the Search Engine sees as worthwhile, you meet that criteria? Learn More.
In SEO there’s this concept called WORDVEC SEO, it was created by a group of researcher/programmers led by Tomas Mikolov who works/ed for one of the BIG GUYS. the one who shall not be named.
Anyway, Wordvec places words in 3d space, gives them a vector and a direction – think Split Test SEO ‘Duck is to X as King is to Queen’ I don’t know what a male duck is, so think ‘Prince is to X as King is to Queen’ – this ties in with another algorithm using a function called Tensorflow, which uses machine learning, and natural language processing – those 3 things read everything on the internet and try to build a massive interconnected network of site, words, phrases and content.
Once this network is built and if you know what you are doing, you can start to create content that is relevant, by ticking the boxes you would think this machine thinks makes content relevant – it’s a bit of a trick, as this machine is trying its dandiest to try and mimic the human way of reading, so in reality the easiest way to win, is to create content that is of value.
It amazing that this even happens if you come to think about it.

Click Here to Learn More.

This content all of a sudden, is worth linking to – and then, you come to the Authoritative step – and it goes as follows – if someone links to you, they are implying that you hold information of value, and that makes you an authority in their field. Merely gaining the link makes you more of an authority – this is great if they already hold a position of authority.
Because if a position of authority sees your content as valuable, then all of a sudden you are authoritative.

Lastly, we come down to trust – the big T – its not easy to gain, but once you have it, its amazing, like the heroin of data (wouldn’t know what heroin tastes like – but I assume it tastes like sunshine dipped in bacon syrup). Best SEO Melbourne.
Trust is formed by adding the Expertise and the Authority together, and then not blowing out and mixing crap into the mix – keep the ship on course and get HTTPS – secure your clients visit and their data. This is the first step of SEO, we like to call this ON PAGE or technical SEO – and keeping those three things in mind will mean that when your site is crawled, you meet the prerequisites to lift your ranking – rank your site into space.
Of course there are a plethora of other options and even ways to do SEO, but the onsite ones seem to act as multipliers for anything else you may do in the future – other things you want to consider are the time it takes for a site to load (sitespeed) or the number of words on a given page (the top 10 results all have over 1000 words) or – the use of internal ancho texts, these all show that your content is relative to other content on your site, and also that the search query is therefore answered by all the content on your site.

I remember back when you could just keyword stuff, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either – now the one that goes unnamed scans for over optimization, and that is another venture all unto itself – have we learned some new things today class?
I would hope so – remember, authority linking in, equates to authority, authority only wants to link in to expertise, and expertise is shown by getting authoritative links, but only after you create content that others want to see – trust is then created by getting HTTPS and not screwing over your clients – Do propper SEO and do the right thing, use your powers for good, not evil – get a birdbath.
And lastly – very lastly, have fun creating content. It is the beast mode of the internet. One book to read them all. Check Split Test Demographics to see what they are up to.