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Three Ways to Boost Your Sales Using Proven Online Marketing Strategies

The main goal of most businesses is to consistently increase their revenues year on year. In order to achieve this, the marketing team has to do all they can to get word out there about the products and services that the company offers. This task used to be limited to video, radio, and print. Now, marketing teams also have to do digital marketing to promote their company, products, and services online too.

Having an online presence means being active on the internet, being searchable and easy to find, and making sure that your online reputation is spotless. These help ensure that you boost your company revenues by attracting new customers and building a loyal fan base from your current customers. To do this, you will need three important online marketing strategies to help boost your sales. Read on to find out more about these three strategies:

  1. SEOSearch engine optimization or SEO is one of the most common ways to boost your sales. In this process you are making sure that your customers are able to find you and your products whenever they make a simple search using the search engines. Your SEO strategies are made to ensure that you get top search engine results every time the customer types in your product keyword. Here’s an example:

If your product is makeup, your website should contain all sorts of information on the kind of makeup that you offer. You not only need to have the right products but the right keywords that people are looking for to describe your product. You should mention words like ‘long wearing mascara,’ ‘smudge proof lipstick,’ and other keywords that your customers might be interested in. If you use words that don’t relate to your product, search engines might pass over your website thinking that it is not relevant. When it returns search engine results, your website could rank lower because of these unrelated words to your product.

That’s what search engine optimization or SEO does. It takes your current content and improves on it so that search engines will be able to easily find your website because the search engine algorithm sees that your content is relevant to the search. When this happens, you get top ranking on the search engine results which can lead to higher traffic to your website, better awareness of your brand, and increased revenues. The more visible your site is and the more people are likely to buy from you.

Reputation Management

  1. Reputation Management – every business owner knows how important it is to protect the company’s reputation. One bad word from a customer can affect other customer’s perception of the company. Sometimes a bad review or a testimonial of an awful experience with the product can hurt the company so bad they can end up closing shop or discontinuing the product altogether. To avoid this, you will need to get the services of someone who can manage your company’s reputation. You can hire a reputation management consultant.

With social media and the internet, any form of bad publicity is available to everyone with an internet connection. In a platform where they can easily share bad publicity with their friends, your image can easily take a downturn when your bad publicity becomes viral. Doing nothing about it will only make matters worse. You might argue that negative publicity is better than no publicity. That’s not true at all as bad publicity could ruin your company altogether.

This makes it important to have a team managing your online reputation. They are responsible for keeping the company reputation free of scandals and bad publicity. They can spin negative news to put the company in more favorable light. They address anything that can ruin the company’s reputation. From bad reviews from critics to simple rants from customers, a reputation manager’s job is to ensure that this does not become a big deal. A company with a spotless reputation always makes more sales than the company with a bad rep.

  1. Digital Targeting – one of the main things that marketing teams have to know about is their target audience. Companies spend countless hours studying the target audience in order to make sure that they can connect the product with the audience’s preferences. When you are able to connect with your audience, they can be easily convinced to buy your product as they see it as something familiar and something they can incorporate into their life. They will want to buy that product because it has touched them on a more personal level.

Digital targeting means looking at the most likely people who will buy your products and concentrating a huge chunk of the company’s marketing effort to reaching out to these customers. Why, because they will bring in the revenue. Launching a big marketing campaign covering a wide, unknown audience may bring in some revenue but it won’t compare to running the same campaign for a smaller people who are more likely to need or want what you are offering. A marketer’s job is to know the right audience to target and tailor fit the marketing campaign for that audience.

A digital marketer also needs to make sure that the marketing campaign will look great on all platforms that the target market is using. So if the target market is teenagers, their campaign should look great on cellphones, tablets, and laptops as these are the common things teenagers use. If men are the target market the product should be appeal to their sensibilities. Men generally respond to beautiful women for example so a campaign with good looking women will catch men’s eyes. A digital marketer has to be prepared to adjust the marketing campaign to reach the customers better and get them to buy the product.


These three marketing processes can drastically improve your revenue if you do it right. Use these tools to give your company cash flow a boost. Applying these methods may not always be easy but it will be worth it in the end.